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About Urban Milling Co. of Illinois

UMCI is an urban wood producer,  we provide wood products and services that are recycled from local urban trees exclusively from Illinois that are destine to become firewood or landfill waste. We work with local tree services and municipalities and accept any logs that were removed for any reason besides selling for lumber. At UMCI we want to incorporate every log back into our community, we believe that the lumber should be kept and used locally.  UMCI strives to build with urban lumber rather than dispose of it.
Most everyone is unware of how underutilized and how beautiful Illinois urban lumber is. Urban lumber is one of the fastest growing in Illinois market and in the wood industry. 
We will provide the slabs to your DYI’s for floating shelves, fire places mantel and benches. A table to the couple whose grandfather planted the dying tree in their backyard, conference tables and reading tables to the new library that had trees removed from demolition. A gazebo to the municipality from storm damaged trees.  The possibilities are endless. 
UMCI strives to provide a product that is bith high in quality and low in price.

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