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Urban Milling Company of Illinois is a local and portable sawmilling company, also specializing in additional lumber services. 

Our ultimate goal is focused on recycling urban wood that is otherwise destined to become firewood or landfill waste. We encourage the use of local wood while re-harvesting urban lumber back into communities one project at a time. 

The use of urban lumber is vastly growing in the Illinois market and in the national wood industry due to its beauty and previous underutilization. We guarantee great quality as we work closely with local tree services and municipalities to collect logs. We promise exceptional service at an affordable price and a product you can trust.  

Please visit our service tab for more information! 


At UMCI, we strive to accommodate each customer by providing a range of products and services. From live edge slabs for your next DYI project(s) to assisting with the buildout of your new home, we are ready to work with you personally!

Our live edge slabs are exclusively from the Illinois region, or can be milled from your personal log(s). A variety of species, sizes and styles are also available based on seasonal inventory. 


Have a question or need a quote? Please visit our service tab on our home page for more information on what we can do for you. Or you can email us directly at

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