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How much do you charge to travel?

Our current travel rate is $1.25 per mile from Galesburg outside of Knox County, IL.

Do you provide other workers beside yourself? 

We generally do not bring other workers besides the sawyer, unless the project requires further assistance. We also welcome you to help, with our guidance, and if you'd like to save on the labor.

Do you sell green lumber?

Yes, we sell green lumber, but we will explain in great detail regarding the drying process and other outdoor projects our lumber can be used for.

Do you buy logs?

We are generally not in the market for purchasing logs.

Do you remove trees?

We generally don't offer tree removal, but we sometimes make exceptions for smaller trees that are not near buildings and structures. For more info on this email us directly at with details about your project. 

Do you barter for sawmill services for share of the lumber?

Unfortunately, no.

Will I save money by having my logs milled?

Yes, we like to say that using our services will get you 10X or greater investment then buying lumber.  It's not always about the dollar at Urban Milling, we like it to be an experience.

We love hearing stories of how "my grandfather made this fence from an oak tree he played on as a child."  We want to be a part of continuing to pass those stories through generations!

How does the portable sawmilling process work?

We offer portable sawmill services to clients located within 100 miles of Knox County, IL.  Each milling job is unique— based on site accessibility, lumber type, and desired dimensions. We discuss specifics over the phone, after reviewing your quote, and before any milling takes place. Our personal number is 309-368-7437 and you can call/text us during the hours of 7am - 5pm, Mon - Sat. You can also see examples of milling on our IG or FB page.

How do you estimate the cost of a milling project?

When we talk on the phone, we will ask you about the dimensions of the trees you wish to have milled, their condition, your project goals, and your site.  We do have a minimum fee of 3 hours, so you can choose to do as little or as much of your project as you like. Customers set a budget and I work within that figure.

We mill by the hour and not the bdft. Our current rate is $100 per hour. The charge rate starts as soon as the sawyer arrives on your property, it does not include any machine malfunctions, but does include changing blades. - If we hit metal a new blade will be required and the damaged blade will be disposed of and will result in a $35 charge.

Travel cost is also not included within the hourly rate. Our current travel rate is $1.25 per mile traveled outside of Knox County. The rate includes traveling to and from Knox County to the milling site. 

How long does it take to mill a log?

Many people ask how long it takes to mill a log and unfortunately, it’s highly variable: If everything is stacked well, we can process a log every 20- 30minutes.  Some general rules of thumb are as follows: the cleaner, greener, softer, and more cylindrical a log, the faster we can go. A 24” diameter 10’ pine log might take us and my mill 20 minutes to process.


The fewer cuts we have to make, the faster we go (i.e. cutting four 6x6s from a 12x12 cant goes a lot faster than cutting twenty-four 1x6s). If the sawyer has a helper who is pulling the slabs off the mill as soon as the blade exits the log, we can work quicker.


Anything over 36”  diameter can get complicated. A hardwood log that has been down over a year may require an extra blade (or 2) change. If we are slabbing out a large crooked log it could take over an hour.  However, in most cases, it’s safe to assume a ballpark of 45 minutes per log.

Do you handle the stacking and clean up?

Our sawmill services are for processing only. You can keep your costs down if you or a helper pull the lumber off the mill. Unless you are using your lumber immediately, you will need “stickers” or thin wood strips that go between your drying lumber. We can cut these from softwoods on your property or you can buy them at the hardware store. You will need a lot! One sticker per 12-16." We also would recommend you-tubing how to sticker and stack lumber.

Do you handle the stacking and clean up?

We can handle a log 36" wide and 20' long - the log will be cut down to produce a 34" board if that is desired. Our mill cannot lift a 36" by 20' oak log or hardwood log, if were a softwood then we are in business. Our mill can lift a 36" hardwood log that is in the neighborhood of 14'

When is payment due?

Payment is due when milling is completed. No Exceptions. Cash, check and/ or credit is accepted. Please make all checks payable to Urban Milling Company, LLC.

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