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How much do you charge to travel?

Our current travel rate is $1 per mile from Galesburg outside of Knox County, IL.

Do you provide other workers beside yourself? 

No we do not bring other workers besides the sawyer.

Do you sell green lumber?

Yes will sell green lumber, but we will explain in great detail regarding the drying process and other outdoor projects our lumber can be used for.

Do you buy logs?

We are not in the market for purchasing logs.

Do you remove trees?

We do not offer tree removal at this time. 

Do you barter for sawmill services for share of the lumber?

Unfortunately no.

Will I save money by having my logs milled?

Yes, I like to say that using my services will get you 10X or greater investment then buying lumber.  It's not always about the dollar at Urban Milling we like it to be an experience. We love hearing stories of how my grandfather made this fence from an oak tree he played on as a child, we want to be a part of continuing to pass those stories through generations. 

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